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The Challenge

When you are travelling abroad its really crucial have access in times of crisis to common emergency numbers [police, medical and fire] and sometimes it may be helpful also contact your embassy. It's important for you to find the crucial information you're looking for and find it fast.

With Safe4you You can have all these information always with you regardless of the presence of an internet connection.

This app is designed for piece of mind while traveling. With this app on your phone, there’s no need to worry about trying to locate the nearest emergency services in an emergency, or trying to find Wi-Fi or work out how to use the device when crisis strikes. The emergency button works with any 3G or phone network.

The app also connects you directly to the best travelers’ insurance providers and their covered medical providers and even reminds you to activate the insurance when needed.


This international travelers’ assistance App is an essential tool that helps you make the most of your International Safe4you membership and is available exclusively to members whose organization offers the app to their travelers and expatriates.

With Safe4you App, travelers and expatriates have a world of capability in their hand: it’s a medical and travel security app that is integrated into a global assistance infrastructure.

• Country Emergency Numbers
• Embassies of your country worldwide
• Useful Country Information [voltages, plug types, gratuity, timezones, ...]
• Tip Calculator
• Currency Exchange Rate Calculator
• Panic Button Widget [can send sms to 3 registered contacts]
• Country Emergency Numbers Widget
• The majority of the functions don't need any internet connection
• Call for Assistance from the Log In screen if even if you don’t know your membership number
•Access mobile-friendly medical and travel security information and country guides, to prepare before trips.
• Instant and interactive access to latest medical and security alerts for your destinations, before and during trips.
• Push notifications for alerts based on your currently selected location
• Save up to 10 countries for quick access to frequently traveled destinations
• Improved Settings menu with additional control options
• App works in airplane mode after your first successful login, read alerts while offline
• Content now available in multiple languages: English, French, Chinese and Japanese…..
• Displays travel itineraries for members
• Login via email – no need to memories membership numbers
• New International branding to emergency providers [Hospitals, insurances, medical providers]
• Fast dial to the local insurance company.

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